Bodybuilding Routines That Work – 6 Things to Know Assuring a “Proven Workout” to Help Gain Muscle

order to achieve your goal.  That certainly makes sense.  After all, there’s no sense in putting effort into something that won’t give you the results you are looking for.  To help you in your endeavor, these are some things you need to know regarding that search.

Make sure workouts emphasize on the following issues in your search for bodybuilding routines that work.


  • Use proper technique when working the muscle – Look for a routine that focuses on utilizing slow controlled moves going the full range of motion as well utilizing both the positive and negative portion of the exercise.
  • Push the muscle – to gain muscle you want to work to failure or fatigue but don’t overwork the muscle in the process.
  • Feed the muscle – Add the “right kind and amount” of extra calories for the day. Eating right is essential to muscle growth.
  • Rest the muscle – Take a full day’s break between workouts of the same muscle to let muscle repair and rebuild
  • Perform the right routine for your muscle/body type – not all routines that are suited for all body types. The routines that genetically gifted individuals are not best suited for those of us who were not blessed with nearly perfect physiques.  So, to achieve your optimal body goals its best not to attempt to  Buy Sarms in Australia perform the same routine that the running back for the super bowl champions Pittsburgh Steelers would.
  • Consistent Persistent work of the muscle – continual effort must be given working through mental and physical blocks.


Remember these keys in order to find bodybuilding routines that work for you.

An example of a great bodybuilding routine that works is one that includes the leg press, hanging leg lifts, chest press, seated row, incline bench press, lat pull down. Perform these exercises in pairs of two in the order listed.

For each pair of exercises, start with a warm-up set equaling approximately 60% of your maximum weight. Then perform 3 sets of 8 reps using a weight heavy enough to cause you to go to failure on the last set somewhere between your 6th and 8th rep. Take a 1 minute rest between each exercise but no longer. Take one full day’s rest before performing the routine again.