How To Find Good Property Deals In Malaysia

How To Find Good Property Deals In Malaysia

When you have made up your mind to purchase a property in Malaysia, it would be wise to shop around for your ideal property. This may sound easy but in actual fact it is not. But you will find that there are many sources from which you could obtain valuable information. And by the time you have gone through all those sources you could be overwhelmed by facts, figures, prices and offers. What are those sources?

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The main source to find good property deals in Malaysia are the advertisement in newspapers and magazines which attract your attention almost daily. The good property advertisements are written in such a way to catch your eye, stir you imagination, excite you emotions, and if possible make you rush out and buy. Some of them are not logical. i.e. “Buy and Save”. If you really want to save you should not buy. In order to catch your attention, the property advertisements contain colorful representations or artist’s impressions or photographs of models of the development. Those photographs are also extended to show quite vividly scenes of swimming pools, furnished rooms, country facilities and even butterflies and Japanese kois in the backyard pond.

But wait a second! How can those photographs show actual scenes of such facilities when the scheme is either still an uncleared raw land or cleared land with nothing on it? Obviously those scenes were superimposed with Photoshop to appeal to your imagination.

The advertisements could also contain location plans which very often are out of scale. Those plans highlight the proposed Light Rail Transit (LRT) stations or proposed bypass of highways that would make access to the nearest town or city in a matter of minutes. Nothing is said as to when those transport facilities would be completed. Well, they do not know that, so how can they commit themselves. Nor do they say whether the access time in minutes are calculated during rush hour or in the middle of the night. What they do not tell you is that those proposed infrastructure projects will take years to complete and in the meantime you have to be patient with the traffic congestion.

Always look at property advertisement in the Malaysian newspapers and magazines critically. Firstly, find the developer’s license number, then the advertisement permit number. You will find those in small print usually at the bottom of the page. These will show that the advertisement is legal. The advertisement cannot contain all the information require. So as a due diligence to find good property in Malaysia, visit the developer’s sales office to obtain further information. Read more about PerumahanSyariah