The complete guide to buying watches

The complete guide to buying watches

As a big fan of watches in general and luxury watches in particular, I have decided to write this short guide to help you buy new watches.

I am a fan of discount Seiko watches – I have a Seiko sporture watch, a Seiko body movement watch and a Seiko kinetic relay watch. All purchased in the last six months or so. I know most of you are less compulsive about watches so I have written this five steps guide to normal people:

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  1. Why do you want a new watch? What are the uses of the watch? Your answer will determine which kind of watch you should look for. For example, If you are diving, I would suggest you get a Seiko diving watch. If you are a businesswoman, I would suggest you get a ladies Seiko watch and so on.

Yet, you must know that watches can do much more than telling the time nowadays. Modern watches may even have a GPS or a MP3 player embedded inside them. Some watches are actually mini computers.

  1. How much money are you willing to spend on your new watch? I would not suggest you to spend thousands of dollars buying a luxury watch (Rolex watches, TAG Heuer etc.). I do not think that luxury watches are a symbol of a person’s success. I think one of the discount Seiko watches should fit everyone’s budget. Learn more about watches online here jam tangan fosil ori
  2. Are you looking for an automatic watch or a quartz watch? The difference, by the way, is that an automatic watch does not have batteries – it is getting charged by the physical movement of the wrist. I personally prefer automatic watches like the Seiko body movement watch and the Seiko kinetic relay watch.
  3. Which firm should the watch belong to – Seiko, Swatch, Rolex, Omega or maybe a Replica watch? You may have noticed that I am a big fan of Seiko. Seiko watches are the most reliable and have the quality of expensive luxury watches.
  4. Where should you buy your new watch? Definitely, buying watches online is much more worthy. The only question is in which online store.